Tools that help me create artwork

Blog   •   Jan 27, 2022

Tere are some tools that I wish I could bought earlier in my drawing days, so I can work smoother and faster. One is the tracing light board, and the other one is the adjustable table easel. Of course, better watercolour brushes and paint are essential too, but I will not cover then today.

  • Light Box(Board)

  • Table Easel

It is not unusual for artists or illustrators to trace their sketch. You can keep the paper nice and clean before colouring, also reduce the damaging from too much eraser.

Light box (or board)

Here are the light board that I have been using. It is not amazing, but get’s the job done. Plus, it is very cheap! Although there are a couple of down side. First, the lighting is not very strong, so you need to work in a very dark environment. While during the day, I normally pull the curtain down and turn off the light.

Second, the USB port is easy to damage, and you will loose the power connect to the light. I had to change the light board every 6 months or a year depending on how often you use it. I suppose the more expensive one will be more durable, so if you want to recommend anything, please leave a comment, much appreciated.

You can get a light board here:

There is another tool that I would recommend if you are a long-hour illustrator/artists who work on your desk.

Adjustable Table Easel

Use an adjustable stand on your desk is definitely a big help for your sore neck and shoulder. It will adjust your posture and even help you to get correct perspectives. There are several stands you can have. I bought mine from the local art supply store when it’s on sale. (around $50au)

It works very well, except that it’s quite big so it can occupy quite a large space on your desk. (The back of it can even fit my cat there :P) I would certainly get a smaller one next time, so I have enough desk space.

Table easel here: