Mr. Otter’s Adventure Colouring Picture


海獺先生柑仔店著色圖 Mr.Otter Colouring Picture







Hi everyone,

I started a story about Mr.Otter by accident. One day I was bored, so I just drew an otter with sunflowers, then I draw one more the next day, and more the next day, so it kinda becomes a story now…

I realised this story interests many parents, and many of my friend is asking me whether it is going to be a children’s book. Well…I can’t say, because there is so much work to draw a children’s book. I hope one day it can be a book though. So while I am still developing the story, I decided to make some colouring pictures based on my sketch (In this case it will take less time for me, hehe…)

The original sketch is A5 size, but I make it A4 so it’s easier to colour with the children’s tiny hands. Also, A4 paper is easier to find and can fit in all the printer.(if your printer can’t print an A4 paper, please throw it away, because I don’t think it’s a printer, it might be something else.

This image can be download for 3 times within 7 days after purchase.

For the price, I though I charge for $1 aud, just a support to keep me motivated 😛 Thank you all very much, I will keep drawing this story…

*this image is personal use only, can not be commercialised.





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