How to get your custom watercolour portrait

Personalised gifts from the heart are more valuable than ‘off-the-shelf’ items, since they carry memories and the weight of your love. Ordering a watercolour portrait from me is very simple, just select a photo and send it to me, then I can start working on it 🙂

Combine multiple photos

If you’d like to have multiple people in one portrait, but you don’t have a single photo with everyone, don’t worry! You can send me multiple photos and I can paint them all together.

I will send you 1 or 2 progress photos, where you can request changes or adjustments. Once all changes are confirmed, I will complete the final stage of painting the portrait.

Make sure you are happy with the changes before this stage, as once the painting is finished, there’s not much I can adjust.

portrait procedure

Create beautiful invitations or cards!

Another service I offer is turning your beautiful portrait into a invitation, post card, or Christmas card. I’m a graphic designer, so it’s a piece of cake for me to design a card or even your wedding website!

Contact me using the link at the bottom of the page so we can discuss everything you need.

Here are some size options to choose from

I have A5 & square size for post card (2 sides) / folded card (4 sides). See the details in the below image.

More portrait example

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