Project Description

Temple Arden Logo

Logo with watercolour illustration


Temple Arden is a cafe/game/event place located in Melbourne.

It needs a logo that related to gamer but not exactly “nerdy”.

Since “Arden” is playing with the word “Garden”, so a natural symbol is preferred.

Deliverable must include a logo and a black and white stamp design.

  • Logo

  • Watercolour Illustration

  • Stamp Design


The name of the place is playing with “temple garden” which is often seen in lots of games.

The tree in the middle shapes like the letter “T”, and the triangle shape around it stands for “A”.

The hexagon background is the shape of a game dice. The combination gives it a natural and refreshing feeling.

This project requires logo & stamp design.

Watercolour illustration is provided with vector file, which can expand as large as possible without loosing the clarity.

The stamp graphic is simplified. With simpler edges and remove all the splashes.

  • Print Design Services

  • Watercolour Illustration

  • Stamp Design

Logo Design
Stamp Design


The combination of loose watercolour with splash effect with hard-edge shapes gives it a natural yet modern feeling. It also works well with the stamp using a simpler  logo version


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