Project Description


Visual Identity System


Herbsense is a supplement company in Australia.

Their products are focusing on “functional” supplement with high quality, and have a wide range of product line.

The target audience is mid-high end consumers.

The key goal of this project is to create a consistent visual system across the entire brand, and make it standout from the competitors.

Vibrant colours are needed but also has to keep it clean and professional.

  • Branding

  • Website Design

  • Digital Marketing

Bilingual Digital Marketing Poster

I have 4 years of Mandarin content writing experience, which enable me to write catching tagline for your product/service.


A visual identity system brand guide is created, including the typography, colour palate, and how to use the logo in various ways.

Apart from the logo, I have made the product label, packaging, print and digital design. Posters that is promoted in Chadstone shipping center and in multiple pharmacy. I am also in charge of their event visual, organisation as well.

  • Branding

  • Web Design

  • Print & Digital Design

Web Design
Print Materials


Herbsense branding has delivered a high-end but still very energetic colour spectrum. Their print as well as digital marketing materials are all inline with the same brand guide. Their e-commerce platform in China is very soaring, as well as their other distributing channel.


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