Why a hand-painted custom portraits touches your heart so much?

Blog   •  Feb 2, 2022

custom portrait sample

I was often told by my clients that after they gave the portraits to their loved ones, they burst out tears. Recently, I painted a portrait for a mother who sadly had two mis carriage. She told me that she wanted a family portrait with her two passed away babies. After I gave her some progress photos, she told me that she cried.

I shared this photo in a facebook group that I am in, and surprisingly many other people told me they teared too. I found it fascinated, and wondering why does a portrait touches people’s heart so much.

The fact that someone paid so much attentions to you

I asked one of my friend, why is that after she received a portrait from me, she started crying. She had a thought, and told me perhaps it’s because the painting has so many details, and the fact that a person is willing to spend so much time and effort dedicated to another person/pet has a strong power.

portrait sample

When clients order a portrait, I would ask them to provide a photo. They would often choose a photo that is meaningful to them, such as a wedding photo, a anniversary photo, an old family photo, a puppy or a kitten’s photo.

The power of nostalgia

Therefore, the photo itself has a memory already. After I bring the photo to life, it would bring back the good memories of this photo. It might be someone’s 5 year old birthday, or it might be a grandparent who passed away years ago. I remember someone once said that “don’t underestimate the power of “nostalgia”, it has a strong connection to us. Perhaps it is like when you heard a song from your teenage time, you tend to get excited and maybe a little bit sad. I know I am.

wedding portrait

If you would like to bring an old photo to life, give someone something so unique that you can’t get from a shopping centre, or express your love to someone. Getting a portrait is so meaningful and 100% guarantee that the receiver will be so happy.