What should I do when I felt drained

Blog  •  Mar 22, 2022

AAlthough I love my life and my work in general, sometimes, when things are slow or quiet, I can also felt very tired and not knowing what to do. It feels like I couldn’t be happy no matter what, or nothing interests me anymore, I felt drained. However, I found there’s a quick and effective way to get back to my normal emotion status or even excites me again. That is by learning new things.

Learning something new

I am a creative person, and I do art for a living. Hence feeling inspired is a necessity of my job. If I am not inspired, it is really hard to get me working and loving my art. It is very easy for us to feel bored if we keep doing the same thing, so if creating art bores me, that means I had to stop to do something else.

  • Reading a book

  • Watching Skillshare

  • Go for a walk

The abodes are the three things I will do if I felt drained. Instead of keep browsing other people’s amazing instagram account, I will stop using my phone or laptop, and start reading a book. I normally keep an interesting book with me that is not too hard or too simple. I love reading novels, especially classic ones, and they normally has several books in a series, so I get to read them for a long time.

Watch tutorials online

I use Skillshare most of the time, there are so many things to learn from business, finance to create stuff like art and photography. When I try to learn something new, I will also skip the area that I am familiar with. So I don’t normally watch art related video, unless I wanted to learn a particular skill. I will watch anything but art. Recently I watch a video on teaching you how to use iphone to shoot amazing photographs. The good things about Skillshare tutorials is that it is very short and simple. You don’t need to concentrate or try hard to learn a new thing.

Once I watched a several videos, I would normally felt better and feeling excited to try new stuff. Even I just watched something about photograph, it somehow inspired me with my artwork since it talks about composition and lighting. When I watched business or finance tutorials, I can also apply to my own business.  A new perspective will give me the joy and hope towards my life and my work, so it is so helpful to lift my mood fundamentally unlike shopping that only give me a few seconds of joy.

Taking a walk

Move your body and get away from your familiar space would also give you a different mood too. Especially when you exercise, your brain gives you endorphin which is what we called happy element. I will go out for a short walk, although sometimes I am so sad that I don not even want to move, but I will still drag my ass out. Once you step out of your house, you feel different immediately. You will see different people, you might go to a cafe to get something to drink and enjoy the good weather. And that, my friend, will reignite your creativity too.